Kaysville Fire maintains an apparatus fleet of (3) Advanced-EMT level ambulances, (1) rescue engine (combination heavy rescue and fire engine), (1) ladder truck, (2) reserve engines, (2) brush trucks, (1) 6x6 brush/remote transport unit, (1) paramedic “rescue” truck, (1) hazardous materials trailer and (2) command vehicles.

Due to our limited amount of on-duty staffing, we “cross-staff” these units, meaning that based on dispatch information we select which piece of apparatus we are going to take to an emergency incident and we move our firefighter turnout gear from truck to truck as needed.

When a future west-side fire station is built our need to cross-staff will greatly diminish. The current Main Street fire station will staff an ambulance, a rescue engine, and a paramedic vehicle. The west side fire station will staff an ambulance, the ladder truck, and a battalion chief command vehicle.

Fire Engines

  1. Rescue Engine 61
  2. Truck 61
  3. Engine 62
  4. Engine 63

2019 Pierce Quantum custom-built pumper

  • Combination fire engine and heavy rescue
  • 750 gallons of on-board water
  • 1,500 gallon-per-minute water pump
  • 30 gallons of Class A firefighting foam
  •  Capability:
    • Structural firefighting (hoses, nozzles, forcible entry tools, saws, thermal imager, ground ladders)
    • Wildland firefighting
    • Vehicle rescue (Hurst cutter and spreader extrication tools, lifting airbags, cribbing, stabilizing struts)
    • Rope rescue (full complement of rope and rescue bags/kits)
    • Ice rescue (ice rescue suits, flotation devices, inflatable watercraft)
    • Water rescue (life jackets, flotation devices, throw bags)
    • Hazardous materials (dry absorbent, absorbent pads, 4-gas monitor, combustible gas detector)
    • Paramedic Engine/Advanced Life Support unit

Engine 61

Ambulance and Medical

The Kaysville Fire Department responds with 4 firefighters/Advanced-EMTs on every medical emergency in an ambulance and a fire engine; on critical incidents, two Davis County Paramedics will also respond to provide further advanced level care.

  1. Ambulance 61
  2. Ambulance 62
  3. Ambulance 63
  4. Medic 61

2022 Horton/Ford F450 Ambulance

  • Advanced airway management (oxygen, suction, basic and advanced airways)
  • Bandaging/bleeding control (gauze, bandages, tourniquets)
  • Advanced cardiac life support (12-lead LifePak cardiac monitor and defibrillator, Lucas automated CPR device, epinephrine, amiodarone, and atropine)
  • Pediatric life support
  • Pre-hospital trauma life support
  • Fluid/IV management
  • MCI/Mass shooting ready
  • Pain and anxiety management (fentanyl, morphine, and versed)

Ambulance 61

Support Vehicles

  1. Brush Trucks
  2. Support Vehicle 1
  3. Support Vehicle 2

The Kaysville Fire Department has two brush trucks, Brush 61 and Brush 62, which are identical 2011 Dodge pickup trucks set up for brush/wildland fires. These units carry water, hoses, and hand tools that are essential to fighting fires in tough terrain such as fields, hills, and mountain areas.

Brush TruckBrush 62