Fire Department

Kaysville Fire Station - Model A

Kaysville Fire Vision Statement

The Kaysville Fire Department is committed to providing premier care for our community through fire prevention, and safety, reducing loss of life, property damage, and environment conservation from the adverse effects of fire, medical emergencies, and hazardous conditions.

Mission Statement

Arrive Safely, mitigate emergencies in a timely manner, save lives, and everyone comes home.

Kaysville FD patch

Values Statement 

Provide Leadership, Transparency, Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Diversity, Service, Compassion and Excellence

About Us

Kaysville Fire provides emergency medical, fire, rescue, and hazardous materials response to Kaysville City and our surrounding mutual-aid cities. Our department provides services to 35,000 residents in an 11-square-mile area from a single, centrally located fire station.

Emergency Phone Numbers

  • Fire 911
  • Ambulance 911
  • Police 911
  • Davis Hospital 801-774-7177
  • Domestic Violence Shelter 801-444-3191
  • Emergency Preparedness / Civil Defense 801-451-4100
  • FBI 801-392-7265
  • Highway Conditions 866-511-UTAH
  • Lakeview Hospital 801-292-6231
  • Poison Control Center 801-825-4357
  • Protective Services for Children 801-629-5800
  • Rape Crisis Center 801-444-9161
  • Runaway Hotline 801-269-7500
  • Suicide Prevention / Emergency Crisis 801-773-7060
  • Teen Crisis Hotline 801-451-8336
  • Utah Highway Patrol 801-447-8120

Fire Department Documents