Open Burning

What is open burning?

It is the burning of any combustible materials where the products of combustion are emitted into open air without passing through a chimney or stack.

Can I burn yard waste and garbage on my property?

Kaysville City Ordinance does not allow the following to be burned:

  • Rubbish or garbage including but not limited to food wastes, food wraps, packaging, animal carcasses, paint or painted materials, furniture, composite shingles, construction or demolition debris or other household or business wastes.
  • Waste oil or other oily wastes except used oil burned in a heating device for energy recovery.
  • Asphalt and products containing asphalt.
  • Treated or painted wood including but not limited to plywood, composite wood products or other wood products that are painted, varnished or treated with preservatives.
  • Any plastic material including but not limited to nylon, PVC, ABS, polystyrene or urethane foam, and synthetic fabrics, plastic films and plastic containers.
  • Rubber including tires and synthetic rubber-like products.

These items above could be hauled to the local landfill to be disposed of.

Can I have a fire pit (recreational fire) in my private yard?

Recreational fires, such as fire pits, are allowed within Kaysville City limits without a permit as long as certain regulations are met. 

Campfires must be confined within a control device or structure, such as a barrel, fire ring, or fire pit.  Fires shall not be conducted within fifty feet of the nearest building.  Fire pits must be under 3 feet in diameter and no taller than 2 feet.

Portable outdoor fireplaces, defined by and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, are not regulated by Code.

Recreational fires shall be constantly attended and supervised by a competent person of at least 18 years of age until the fire is extinguished and cold.  The person must have within reach a fire extinguisher, garden home, bucket of water, or other means to use for fire extinguishing.  The fire must be used solely for cooking, or other recreational purposes.

Can I conduct an open burning regardless of the Air Cleaning Index?

All action days as reported through the State Division of Air Quality (DAQ) apply to open burning.  Burning may not occur on "Restricted" action days.  The Clearing Index is used to regulate open burning, and as input for other air quality decisions throughout Utah.  Clearing Index values below 500 are considered poor ventilation and open burning is restricted under these conditions. 

What is the burn index today? Where can I find this index?

The current conditions for Davis County can be found at the Utah Division of Air Quality.

What is agricultural burning?

It is open burning of orchard pruning, field stubble, and weeds. To meet the requirements of an agricultural burn, the property must have a minimum of two (2) acres for agricultural use, or be an orchard of 25 or more fruit/nut trees.  Before burning, farmers must notify the Kaysville City Fire Department.  Fires must be contained and monitored at all times.

If you should you have any questions, please contact the Kaysville City Fire Department at 801-544-2860.