How to Prevent Firesetting Behavior

A parent can do a lot to prevent children from being involved with fire. Children look to parents for guidance, leadership, and as a role model. Listed below are some tips to help you deal with firesetting behaviors you might encounter.

  1. Lead by example. You cannot expect your child to treat fire any differently than you do.
  2. Explain why they cannot use fire. Simply saying don't is not good enough. Think about how you react when you are told that.
  3. Treat matches and lighters like tools. Give these items the same respect you would other dangerous tools around your home (for example: knives, kitchen appliances, hammers, etc.)
  4. Keep matches and lighters out of reach of all children. Better yet, remove all unnecessary matches and lighters from your home completely. Most children are only involved with fire because it is available.
  5. Reward children for making right decisions with matches and lighters. Also, make clear the punishment for the wrong use of matches and lighters.
  6. Encourage your child's school to; promote fire safety in the classroom.

Additional Help

If you are uncomfortable with your ability to deal with your child's firesetting behavior, call the Fire Department at 801-544-2860 for additional help.