Taxes & Fees

Sales Tax

The combined sales tax rate is 7.25%.

  • 4.85% State Sales and Use Tax
  • 1% Local Sales and Use Tax*
  • 0.25% Mass Transit Tax
  • 0.25% Additional Mass Transit Tax
  • 0.25% Transportation Infrastructure
  • 0.05% Supplemental State Sales and Use Tax
  • 0.25% County Option Sales Tax
  • 0.25% County Option Transportation
  • 0.10% City RAMP Tax (not on grocery food items and gas)

*The local sales and use tax is distributed 50% point of sale and 50% state-wide distribution. Local sales and use tax is the only sales tax paid directly to Kaysville City Corporation.

Franchise Tax

  • 6% Energy Utility Franchise Tax
  • 5% Cable Franchise Tax
  • 4% Telecommunications Franchise Tax

Property Tax

View property tax information.


The City has a Consolidated Fee Schedule  that lists additional fees that are charged. This is approved by the city council.