Administration / Finance

The administration and finance departments are here to enhance and protect the quality of life for the community, citizens, and employees of Kaysville City by providing responsible, dedicated, innovative, effective and efficient services.

Goals / Values

  • Develop and maintain competent, dedicated, well-trained employees who are respectful, understanding, courteous and sensitive to the needs of those we serve
  • Provide, maintain and manage information that is complete, timely, accurate and useful to the citizens and employees of Kaysville City
  • Provide cooperative assistance to benefit City departments through the use of employees, resources, equipment and materials
  • Manage, protect and use city assets and resources for cost-effective and efficient delivery of services
  • Implement procedures and policies for cost-effective and preserving the historical nature and foundation of our community
  • Provide a communication link between city government and public management and staff, and outside entities and employees

State Fraud Hotline

  • If you have a concern please contact the Kaysville City Manager, Mayor, or Finance Director first.  If you are unable to contact them or would like to report any concerns, Utah State Auditors Office has a hotline available at or 1-800-622-1243.