A solicitor is a person that sells products door-to-door. Door-to-Door solicitors are allowed in Kaysville City after applying and obtaining a solicitors license. A city-issued Solicitor's Registration badge MUST be worn at all times will soliciting door-to-door.


To obtain a license, a solicitor must fill out an application form (PDF) or click here  for an online application.

Please provide the following:

  • Proof of identity showing current address of residency
  • Proof of registration with Department of Commerce
  • A special events sales tax number
  • Health Department approval (if your business involves any food product)
  • For Utah residents: A BCI (Utah Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Identification) background check processed and issued not more than 6 months prior to date of application
  • For out-of-state residents: Equivalent background report prepared by the corresponding public safety agency of the applicant's state of residence
  • Submit to a passport-type photograph for an identification badge (which must be worn while soliciting door-to-door). Photos will not be accepted via email
  • Pay a fee of $60 per year per solicitor


The following are exempt and do not need to obtain a solicitor license: 

  • Persons specifically invited to a residence
  • Persons whose license, permit, certificate or registration with the State of Utah permits them to engage in door-to-door solicitation to offer goods or services
  • Persons delivering goods to a residence pursuant to a previously made request
  • Persons advocating or disseminating information on religious belief or political position
  • Persons representing a charitable organization (which includes students soliciting contributions for school or extracurricular events, however, students must carry with them a current picture student identification card from the educational institution for which they are soliciting)

Solicitor Badge ExampleSolicitors at Your Home

If a person(s) come to your door selling products or services, they need to have the Kaysville City Solicitors photo identification displayed or produce it when requested by an occupant of the home. If they are rude or disorderly, please ask them to leave and call the Kaysville Police Department (801-546-1131). If you do not want solicitors, place a "No Solicitation Sign" at your front door.

Kaysville City Ordinance 16-11-18 states that it is every solicitor's responsibility to check each residence for any "No Soliciting" sign or other notice notifying the solicitor to not solicit on the premises.  It is a violation for any solicitor to ignore such notices.  If you have a solicitor come to you door who has ignored your "No Soliciting" sign, please ask them to leave and call the Kaysville Police Department.  If you have any concerns about a solicitor in your area, or if you should find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, please contact the Kaysville Police Department immediately.

If someone approaches your door and informs you that they are with a certain company (gas, water, telephone, cable TV, etc.) request to see their company picture ID card and City issued solicitor's registration badge.  We encourage you to teach your children safety tips about not allowing strangers into your home.  Call the Kaysville Police Department if you observe suspicious persons or activities.