Reasons Kaysville is Perfect for Your Business

Kaysville Regional Highlight Map

1 - In the Middle of the Valley

Kaysville is smack in the middle of the Wasatch Front, Utah’s most populous area. Twenty miles north of Salt Lake City, Kaysville sits midway between Utah’s capital city and Ogden. We’re a quiet but active community with quick access to airports, the commuter rail system and major transportation hubs while still maintaining our rural atmosphere.

2 - In the Middle of Education

Our high-performing public schools boast top scores while the Davis Technology Center is an excellent resource for continuing education and vocational training.

3 - In the Middle of Northern Utah

Kaysville, with its historic Main Street, is situated in the middle of Northern Utah. We are the only city in Davis County with an east/west corridor and direct access to the I-15 Freeway, Highway 89 and the planned Legacy Parkway expansion.

4 - In the Middle of Community

Anyone who’s been to Kaysville on the 4th of July, knows how unified and supportive our community is as thousands of friends and families gather to pay tribute to our country and freedom. This spirit of community shines through in loyal patronage to our local businesses.

5 - In the Middle of Recreation

Wholesome recreational opportunities abound with our proximity to the Wasatch Mountain Range. We’re 30 miles from three ski resorts in the Ogden Valley and 45 minutes from seven ski resorts in the Salt Lake/Park City area. And that’s on top of dozens of bike and hiking trails, water sports, fishing, kayaking and camping.

6 - In the Middle of Nature

Kaysville is home to an amazing park system with 137 acres of maintained park space and the Utah Botanical Center, a 140-acre wilderness park. We enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains to our east and the Great Salt Lake to the west.

7 - In the Middle of Lifestyle

Our existing culture and personality sets Kaysville apart from its neighbors. An attractive blend of rural farmland and subdivision lifestyles, we are also home to a highly skilled population that has a higher than average household income for the state of Utah.

8 - In the Middle of Entertainment

Kaysville is flanked by two premier family fun resorts in Boondocks and Cherry Hill that draw families from throughout the Wasatch Front. And just down the road in Farmington, Lagoon is Utah’s largest and most popular amusement park.