Tree & Vegetation Management

Tree Trimming

If you are aware of any trees that are growing into power lines, please contact our office at 801-544-8925 and we will come and take a look at it. The City has invested a great deal of money in this project and the return on investment is evident by the reduced number of service interruptions. Unfortunately, the tree trimming program is one which will have to be repeated constantly to reduce the number of tree-related problems.

Climbing Vines on Power Poles

Planting climbing vines at the base of power poles is prohibited. When allowed to grow, these vines damage equipment, cause power outages, and delay repairs. Please don't plant vines at the base of power poles or street signs. When discovered, they will be destroyed.

Plants Around Electrical Boxes

Homeowners occasionally plant around electrical boxes as part of their landscape improvement plan. Plants grow and eventually encroach upon the box which is in violation of Kaysville City Power and Light policy and National Electrical Safety Code. This code states that when the design voltage is 7.2 kilovolt or greater, dirt around the equipment must be level and not touching the metal box. Precautions should be taken to keep landscaping to a minimum around electric boxes.

The power department is concerned for the safety of personnel who may need to access and work on the electrical equipment. Please take the necessary steps to bring your property into compliance.


Good weather seems to bring about a lot of outdoor activity; yard cleaning, tree pruning, home improvements and recreation. Please take a moment to familiarize yourself and the young children in your household with the dangers of overhead power lines. Also, if you are planning any excavation, call Bluestakes at 811 before you dig.