NEW! Outage & Communication System

Outage Management System (OMS)

Kaysville City Power is excited to roll out an improved Outage Management and Communications System (OMS). This is a fully integrated system that makes full use of electric advanced meters, the power distribution system, utility billing programs, and the City mapping system. This system is fully functional as of 1/22/2023.

What Will OMS Do For Kaysville City Power?

We will have real-time network information for accurately evaluating how an outage impacts customers, how to prioritize responses, effectively assign crews, and better determine possibilities for restoring power. OMS helps shorten restoration times, enhance public and worker safety, and improve communication with our customers.

How Will OMS Better Serve Customers?

Customers will now have access to real-time two-way communication regarding power interruptions, including information provided on our website, mobile apps, and through voice and text notification. Notifications will be sent directly to affected customers and provide such information as when the outage is identified and reported, the cause of the outage, when crews are dispatched, restoration times, and other pertinent information. Customers will have the opportunity to receive as much or as little information as they choose.  

What Do We Need From Customers?

We are asking residents to update their contact information, including email and at least one mobile phone number for each address or account. When the new OMS goes live, each mobile number in our records will receive a notification and an opportunity to opt in or out of future notifications. Of course, this can be changed at any time. To update information, please call the City Offices at (801) 546-1235 or visit and complete the contact information form.

[Kaysville City will not sell, distribute or make this information available to any outside organizations or parties.]