Before You Dig

If you have a project that may involve Kaysville City Power, please contact us in advance at 801-544-8925 to be assured we have the proper material and equipment available when needed and are able to schedule time to work on your project.

Blue Stakes of Utah
5 Steps to Safter Digging

Online Locate Request

Blue Stakes of Utah has provided a way for homeowners or contractors to submit a do-it-yourself application online to submit locate requests (tickets) and revisions. All you need to provide is an email address and general information pertaining to your excavation project or previous locate request. Blue Stakes will notify you by email confirmation once they have received and processed your request. The underground utility operators will be notified of your pending excavation and are allowed by law 48 hours (2 business days) to locate and mark their facilities before you may begin your excavation project.

Some functionality may be limited on certain requests, like Meet and Emergency tickets. The form is designed for single address requests only and should not be used for multiple addresses or intersections. Submit an Online Locate Request