Historic Preservation Commission

Duties & Responsibilities

Recognizing that the historical heritage of Kaysville is among its most valued and important assets, it is the intent of the Historic Preservation Committee to help provide preservation, protection and enhancement of the city's history.  This could include written and visual history of Kaysville, its early settlers and historic sites, the planning for and celebration of important historical events relating to Kaysville's history, the education of all segments of the community so that Kaysville's history can be fully and properly appreciated, and to establish a repository of items, artifacts and other materials which have historical significance to the City.  The Committee shall recommend necessary and desirable protection of historic areas and sites within the community.


Commission meetings occur at regular intervals as needed.  Agendas are available prior to the meetings.  Minutes are available following approval.

Demolition Notification

If a historic site is to be demolished or extensively altered, efforts will be made to document its physical appearance before that action takes place.  The City will delay issuing a demolition permit for up to 30 days and will notify a member of the Historic Preservation Commission, which will take responsibility for the documentation.  Said documentation will include, at minimum, exterior photographs of the historic building.  When possible, both exterior and interior measurements of the building will be made in order to provide an accurate floor-plan drawing of the building.  The demolition permit may be issued after 30 days of the initial application whether or not the Commission has documented the building.  The permit may be issued earlier if the Commission completes its documentation before the 30 day deadline.

Kaysville History

Learn more about what makes Kaysville's historic past so unique.  


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