Polling Locations

Vote by Mail

All eligible voters will receive a ballot in the mail approximately three weeks before the election. If you do not receive your ballot or need additional assistance due to a disability, please contact the Davis County Clerk's office.

We ask all voters who receive a ballot, and are able to vote independently on a paper ballot, to please cast their vote using their "By Mail" ballot. This will help protect our election volunteers and allow us to serve voters who need assistance.

Please note that Kaysville's ballot drop-off location is at the Kaysville Library at 215 North Fairfield Road.Dropbox


“Electioneering” includes any oral, printed, or written attempt to persuade persons to refrain from voting or to vote for or vote against any candidate or issue. A polling place means the physical place where ballots and absentee ballots are cast which includes the City Office Building during the period in which absentee (vote by mail) ballots may be cast there. 

On the day of any election, within a polling place or in any public area within 150 feet of the building where a polling place is located, a person may not:

  • Do any electioneering
  • Circulate cards or handbills of any kind 
  • Solicit signatures to any kind of petition
  • Engage in any practice that interferes or disrupts the administration of the polling place
  • Obstruct the doors at the polling place or prevent free access to and from the polling place
  • Remove a ballot from the polling place unless the poll worker is assisting a physically disabled voter outside the building
  • Solicit any voter to show his ballot