Reserve Officers

The Kaysville Police Department has always struggled with having enough officers to provide services to the community. When Chief Helquist was a young sergeant, he was looking for a means to put more officers on the street. Several neighboring police agencies had reserve officer programs and he felt it could work for the Kaysville City Police Department.

As a reserve police officer, a citizen with the proper training could work for the police department and provide invaluable service for both the department and the community. The police department previously had citizens ride along with its officers, but those volunteers were not trained or certified by the State of Utah to provide police services to the community.

Chief Larkin was approached about starting a reserve officer program at the Kaysville City Police Department. Chief Larkin obtained permission from the City Manager to start the program. The first class was attended by several people from cities across northern Utah. There were also several Kaysville City Police Reserve Officers hired from that first class. Kaysville Police Officers Rich Evertsen, Rod Hill, former Centerville Chief Neil Worsley, Clinton Chief Bill Chilson, and UHP Captain Jim McQuire to name just a few. 

The Kaysville City Police Department Reserve Program has been very successful for many years. For many years, all of the full time police officers were hired from the Reserve Officer Program.