K-9 Unit

The Kaysville Police Department K-9 program was started in 1996 by Officer Robert Nace, a U.S. Army veteran who served as a military dog handler.  Kaysville's first K-9 was Nanto, who was P.O.S.T. certified as a patrol and narcotic dog.  He also later became a police dog instructor at the Utah Police Academy.  

 Our department's police dogs have done an exceptional job for Kaysville City and Davis County.  The K-9 program is an important part of the police department and it continues to serve the community well.  All of the dogs in Kaysville's police K-9 program have been certified through Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) as patrol and narcotic dogs. 

Patrol Dog Training 

During Patrol Dog training either or both of the two most common K-9 “capture” philosophies, FIND/BITE and FIND/BARK, may be taught (at the Handler’s option) to the same dog.  K-9 skills taught include:  tracking/trailing of suspects/victims, criminal evidence recovery with a passive indication that does not contaminate the evidentiary value, obedience/agility, and criminal apprehension.  Dogs are also taught to discriminate between a fleeing or hostile suspect and a surrendering or innocent person.  (Utah P.O.S.T. In-Service Training - K-9 Program)

Narcotics Dog Training

The Drug Dog training protocol channels the K-9’s natural drives, such that the K-9 perceives it is hunting simulated prey odors.  K-9s are also trained to bypass non-drug odors.  This process creates highly-motivated dogs that exercise sensitivity and discrimination of drug odors.   (Utah P.O.S.T. In-Service Training - K-9 Program)

Kaysville City's Police Service Dogs

NantoK-9 Nanto

Nanto served with handler Officer Nace from 1996 to 2000.

Rex IK-9 Rex I

Rex I served with handler Officer Nace from 2000-2006.

ChaosK-9 Chaos

Chaos served with handler Officer Paul Thompson from 2007-2011.

K-9 Rex II

Rex II
2012 - Current

Rex is currently serving with handler Officer Thurgood.