Building Permit Fees

Residential Building Permit Fees

Fees for New Single Family Dwellings:

Parks Recreation, Etc. Fees:$4,480
Water Impact Fee:$769 for 3/4" line, $1,282 for 1" line (see Building Department for other sizes)
Water Meter & Connection:$345 for 3/4" meter, $400 for 1" meter
Central Davis Sewer:$2,400
North Davis Sewer:$3,454.03
Roadway Facilities Fee:$1,330
Public Safety Facilities Fee:$356
Fire Facilities Fee:$296
Power Impact Fee:$954 for 100AMP, $1,272 for 125AMP, $1,500 for 150AMP, $1,908 for 200AMP. Contact Building Department for other Amperages.
Power Extension Fees:Based on actual cost to provide power. (Most developed lots are designed for 200mps)

Building Permit fee is based on Valuation - valuation based on ICC Current Valuation Data (averaging $2,500) plus a 1% State education fee and a 25% plan check fee.

New Homes have a $1,500 Construction Bond - refundable upon final occupancy permit.

Basement Finishes and Remodel, and Residential Pools:

Fees:    $245.70

Furnace, A/C, Water Heater Permit:

Fee:     $65.65

Electrical Service Upgrade:

Fee:     $195, plus the difference in the service size in impact fees and any electrical extension costs if required.

Construction Bonds

Construction bonds are required on all new structures. Commercial and single family dwellings are $1,500. Additions, detached garages, accessory buildings and swimming pools are $500. Basement finishes do not require a construction bond. After the final inspection has passed, the Building Official will release the bond.

Title 18-1-4 Performance Bond

In the event any depositor fails within 180 days after the last inspection or suspension of work on such property to request that the deposit be released, such depositor shall thereby be deemed to have waived, relinquished and forfeited all right to claim the performance deposit. The City may thereafter transfer the available funds from the deposit to the General Fund of the City or any other fund of the City.