Kaysville Live

City Council Meetings

Council meetings are streamed online through YouTube. Those wishing to direct comments to the City Council can do so in person or via email directed to publiccomment@kaysville.gov. Emailed comments will NOT be read out-loud at the meeting. 

Members wishing to speak during an Action Item or "Call to the Public" must sign-up in person before the meeting. The number of people requesting to speak will be limited and each person will be allowed 3 minutes to speak. 

Those wishing to speak during a Public Hearing do not have to sign up. Public Hearings differ from the typical comment periods in that they are held before a council meeting and are a formal proceeding held for receiving testimony from the public at large on a local issue or proposed government action. Often formal public hearings are mandated by law, whereas public comment periods are put in place by the decision of the mayor and council to gather information that will help them in making decisions or drafting legislation.

Meeting Agendas with attached Packet Documents can be found here:


Send your Public Comment via email prior to the City Council meeting

Members of the public wishing to email the City Council in regard to Items on the agenda may do so via email.

  • Email:  PublicComment@kaysville.gov
  • Comments must be submitted prior to the City Council Meeting.
  • In Subject Line add: "Public Comment CC Meeting/Date" or "Action Item Comment CC Meeting/Date"
  • Please include the Agenda Item and First & Last name in the email.

Emailed comments will NOT be read out-loud at the meeting.

Questions may be directed to the Kaysville City Recorder at (801) 546-1235.

Meetings LiveStreams and recordings will be uploaded to the Kaysville City website following the meeting, or you can view the meeting live at: https://www.kaysville.gov/129/Agendas-Minutes.

You can view the LiveStream broadcast of City Council Meetings on YouTube by clicking this link: https://www.youtube.com/c/kaysvillecitylive.YouTube Logo