School Resource Officers

Kaysville City School Resource Officers

Kaysville City, in cooperation with the Davis School District, has officers assigned to the local schools in Kaysville. Officer Ryan Wilko is assigned as the full-time school resource officer at Davis High School. Officer Cade Bradshaw is assigned as the full-time school resource officer at Mountain High School, Family Enrichment Center, Renaissance Academy, Canyon Heights High School, as well as assists with the Davis Applied Technology Center.

These two officers are available during normal school hours to assist the school and the students with any law enforcement needs they have. Both of these school officers are experienced and are well respected by both the students and teachers of the schools.

Chief Oberg has also started a program where patrol officers are assigned to an elementary or junior high school. These officers go to their schools and interact with the students during lunch hours or recess. This provides an opportunity where the students get to know the police officers in their community and begin to see the police as approachable. This has been a very positive program.