How do I know when to water?

Kaysville's secondary water is provided by 3 different water companies.  Each are operated independently from the city and has their own rules, rates, schedules, and enforcement. 

Use the map below to locate your service provider and then contact them for watering schedules.

View the Interactive Irrigation Boundaries Map

View the Irrigation Boundaries Map (PDF)

Benchland Water District
485 E Shepard Lane
Kaysville, Utah 84037
Main Office: 801-451-2105

Benchland Water District's on-call: 801-726-3709

Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company
138 W 1300 North
Clearfield, Utah 84015
Main Office: 801-774-6373

Davis and Weber Canal Company on-call: 801-774-6373

Haights Creek Irrigation
820 E 200 North
Kaysville, Utah 84037
Main Office: 801-546-4242

Haights Creek Irrigation on-call: 801-888-4361

Also, consider checking the Utah Division of Water Resources Weekly Lawn Water Guide 

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