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Wilderness Park

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Admission Fee

Reservation and permit required (receipt will act as permit)


Wilderness Park Orienteering Course

Wilderness Park Map (PDF)

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  1. Bike Trail (optional)
  2. Campsites (optional)
  3. Orienteering Course (optional)
  4. Parking (optional)
  5. Picnic Areas (optional)
  6. Picnic Tables (optional)
  7. Restrooms (optional)
  8. Trails (optional)
  9. Water (optional)

*Fires are currently NOT allowed:
Cook Campsite, Hiatt Campsite, Howard Campsite, Roundy Campsite
and Johnson Campsite

Wilderness Park is 140 acres of wilderness with the Rocky Mountains as the backdrop containing 5 campsites that can hold up to 4 tents tucked in the trees. There is a series of trails used for mountain biking, hiking, cross country skiing, and show shoeing that connect to the Bonneville Shoreline Trails. This also provides technical practice for our high school mountain biking teams.


Wilderness Park has five campsites that are available for reservations for one night only. Please make note of the following rules:

  • There is a $10 daily campsite fee.
  • If you pack it in you pack it out (no trace camping).
  • No motorized vehicles beyond entrance gates.
  • Open fire is permitted only on ground level and to be removed after use. Be sure to remove and dispose of all embers and ashes. There is to be no fire pits or rings built anywhere in the park.
  • Do not cut down or remove any trees.
  • Horses are allowed. Dogs are allowed on controlled leash.
  • Noise and lights out ordinance goes into effect at 10 p.m.
  • You must use the restrooms located in the parking lot.


  1. Cook Campground

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  2. Hiatt Campground

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  3. Howard Campground

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  4. Johnson Campground

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  5. Roundy Campground

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