Curbside recycling is offered by the City. Pickup for blue recycling cans is every other week. See the calendar for a schedule. Pickup for green waste cans is weekly on the same day as your black can is picked up.

How Recycling Works

  • The blue recycling container must be used for acceptable recyclable materials. Recyclables can be co-mingled or mixed together in one container.
  • The recycling calendar shows red and blue weeks on the same day as your trash day.
  • Please have your cans out to the curb by 6 a.m. or the night before. Routes change from time to time and your container may be some of the first collected that day. By combining recycling collection with the collection of regular garbage pickup, times may be altered.
  • Place the container in the street with the wheels against the curb or within 2 feet of the blacktop if no curb exists, with the front of the container facing the street. Containers must be placed 4 feet apart and 8 feet from mailboxes, poles, fences, trees, or parked vehicles for easy access. Do not place cans under low trees or other overhead obstructions.
  • The container has an inventory number which is assigned to each household. Customers are responsible for the containers delivered to their address. The container must remain on your property and be properly cared for. If containers are lost or stolen, the homeowner will be charged for a replacement container (approximately $100). Please leave the can at your residence when you move.
  • Just like regular garbage pickup, there is no pickup of recyclables on July 4, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year's Day. If your pickup day falls on one of these holidays, it will be picked up the next day. For those collected on the remaining days of a holiday week, please place your container out on your regular day, then be patient. Garbage collection will be back on schedule as soon as possible.
  • Additional recycling containers are available for an additional $4.90 per month per container.

Acceptable Green Recyclable Items (PDF)

Acceptable Blue Recyclable Items (PDF)

Recycling Centers Near Kaysville