Pressure Irrigation

Pressure Irrigation / Secondary Water

Kaysville City has pressure irrigation systems running throughout. There are three different companies that have systems in the city. They are Benchland, Davis and Weber Canal Company, and Haights Creek. Each is operated independently from the city and has its own rules, rates, and schedules. Each will have their own water restrictions and enforcement. Please visit their individual websites to find out what those restrictions are or for questions about outside watering.

Use the map below to locate your service provider. The button below will take you to an interactive map of the systems. There is also a static map for printing purposes further below.

View the Interactive Irrigation Boundaries Map

View the Irrigation Boundaries Map (PDF)

Benchland Water District
485 E Shepard Lane
Kaysville, Utah 84037
Main Office: 801-451-2105

Benchland Water District's on-call: 801-726-3709

Davis and Weber Counties Canal Company
138 W 1300 North
Clearfield, Utah 84015
Main Office: 801-774-6373

Davis and Weber Canal Company on-call: 801-698-6374

Haights Creek Irrigation
820 E 200 North
Kaysville, Utah 84037
Main Office: 801-546-4242

Haights Creek Irrigation on-call: 801-888-4361

Water Start-Up and Shut-Off Dates

Secondary water (outside water) service providers will begin to flush and pressurize secondary water systems beginning approximately April 1st. All residents should ensure that their secondary water valves are closed before that time! It is the user's responsibility to ensure that your system is secure and ready to receive water by April 1st.

Secondary water service will begin approximately April 15th, weather permitting. Additional time may be needed to repair leaks and charge all the lines within the area.

Secondary water providers will begin winterizing the system beginning October 15th. After this date the system will not be active until spring. Residents with pressurized irrigation, please leave your individual shut-off valves in the "open" position to allow for proper drainage of the system. Each irrigation system must be completely drained to prevent damage to the system components caused by water freezing inside the pipes, sprinklers and valves.

Drought Watering

The city continues to urge efficient use of water and conservation wherever possible. We encourage all users to reference the State's website: for their weekly watering guide. Your use of water conservation practices will extend the availability of the water supply. During drought conditions be alert to all notices of restriction of use or limitation of service.

Please turn off sprinklers during and after rainstorms. No outside watering is permitted between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. (Kaysville City Code 9-4-17)

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We encourage wise water use and recommend referencing the State Division of Water Resources Conservation.

For further information about water conservation in Kaysville and the city's own efforts in conservation, visit our Water Conservation page.