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Kaysville RAMP Tier II Application


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    1. Kaysville RAMP Major Application

      1. The information provided on this application constitutes a request to receive funding from Kaysville City’s RAMP tax revenues.

      2. Please complete the application in its entirety. Please attach additional information to the bottom of the form.

      3. All applications are due by August 31, 2022 at 5:00pm. INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS OR APPLICATIONS RECEIVED AFTER August 31, 2022 WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

      4. All information on this application must be, to the best of your knowledge, true, and accurate. Making a false statement on this form is a criminal act in violation of Title 76, Chapter 8, Section 504, Utah Code Annotated, 1953 as amended. In addition to criminal punishment, any application containing false or misleading information will be rejected.

    3. Project Information
    4. If your organization is applying for more than one grant please list your priority for this project:*
    5. What type of project is this?*