Is being a power lineman a dangerous job?

Engaging in the maintenance of power lines to uphold consistent and reliable service presents a unique set of challenges. Lineworkers exhibit exceptional skill as they navigate poles under varying weather conditions, ensuring uninterrupted power day and night. However, it's important to consider certain factors that can enhance their working conditions and overall safety.

Occasionally, power poles are utilized as a platform for attaching signs and posters, which, while seemingly innocuous, can inadvertently introduce complications for lineworkers. The presence of protruding nails or heavy staples intended for signage attachment can potentially compromise lineworkers' protective gear, thereby increasing the potential for injury. Similarly, the risk of entanglement caused by boots or climbing spikes warrants attention to prevent accidental falls.

Lineworkers take immense pride in delivering high-quality, efficient, and dependable electric service. To facilitate their crucial work, we kindly request refraining from using power poles as supports for signs and posters. This collaborative effort ensures a safer environment for both the lineworkers and the community they diligently serve.

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1. Is being a power lineman a dangerous job?
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