What is Kaysville City's watering ordinance?

9-4-17 Water Use Time Restrictions

No outside use of culinary or secondary water shall be allowed between the hours of 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM unless otherwise directed in writing by the public works director or specific water provider.  This restriction shall not include supervised hand watering.  This shall not have any effect on any entity covered by agricultural zoning designations.

9-4-18(4) Illegal Hookup

It shall be a Class C Misdemeanor for an owner or occupant to make an unauthorized connection by bypassing a meter box from which the water meter has been removed by the division, in addition to all other fees and charges shall be assessed, which charge shall be collected prior to reinstatement of water services.

9-4-18(5) Penalty for Illegal Watering

a)    In the event of water usage in violation of the time restrictions imposed under Subsection 9-4-17 or 9-4-18 of this chapter or administrative order adopted pursuant to Subsection 9-4-19 of this chapter:

i)    For the first offense, a written warning will be issued to the customer either personally or by first class mail, postage prepaid, to the address listed on the application for service applicable to the location of the violation.

ii)    For the second offense in the same year, a civil penalty in the amount of fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be imposed, in addition to all other fees and charges assessed herein, which penalty shall be collected in the same manner as other fees and charges assessed under this chapter.

iii)    For subsequent offenses, an additional civil penalty shall be imposed in the same manner, but each subsequent civil penalty shall be double the amount of the penalty previously imposed on the same customer; provided that no penalty shall exceed an amount of eight hundred dollars ($800.00).

b)    No more than one civil penalty may be imposed on any one day.

c)    If such penalties are not paid when due, water will be shut off and not reinstated again as provided herein, until all such penalties are paid in full.

9-4-19 Drought Conditions

The Public Works Superintendent shall be given authority to implement additional restrictions on water usage within the City during any local or statewide need for water conservation. All further restrictions will be well defined with a limited duration reflecting the purpose for the restriction.

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