How much is this going to cost? Are my taxes going to go up?

The estimated cost for the building remodel will be between $4M and $5M, but the true cost won’t be known until the final plan is developed. 

Will taxes go up? Not specifically for this project. However, Kaysville City Council has committed to holding a Truth in Taxation hearing every year, not only for transparency, but also to capture the increase of property values WITHOUT raising the property tax rate. The overall cost of Kaysville taxes may increase slightly year over year, but it will prevent the dramatic leaps that occur when Truth in Taxation is held only sporadically. 

Because of the Truth in Taxation process held last year, there was an increase of $200,000 in property taxes, or roughly the yearly payment for a $4M bond over 20 years. The committee is working hard to keep costs down while still creating a building to meet the needs of the city for the long term. 

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2. How much is this going to cost? Are my taxes going to go up?
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